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Drones Skins are Simple and Unique

Drones skins are a simple yet extremely eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing solution to modifying the outlook of your device.

Drones Skins

Has it ever happened to you that you brought your brand new drone at a pretty hefty price from the market and you are damn excited about it? You’ve waited for it for such a long time; saving money penny by penny to get your favorite drone? And all that excitement and vigor vanishes like a puff of smoke when you come to know that your friend in the neighborhood bought the very same drone and now you no longer hold the distinction of owning the most unique and sought-after drone in the entire neighborhood?

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That’s pretty much the case all the time, isn’t it? This is exactly the kind of situation where drone skins come into play and will end up having a tremendous impact on the outlook of your device as well as your self-esteem and confidence as a dronie. Drone skins are a brilliant way to make your device truly your own! These days drone aficionados can even choose their Instagram photographs or even their own artworks and designs to produce highly customized skins.

What is a Drones Skins?

Drone skin is a simple yet extremely eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing solution to modifying the outlook of your device. Drone skins are supreme quality decals that portray sensational, high-resolution graphics printed on professional-grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl. In addition to allowing you to quickly customize the look of your drone, they tend to provide a certain degree of protection to your device from scratches and everyday wear and tear. Hence, drone skins provide a very easy method to personalizing and individualizing your favorite drone. Customization can never get simpler than this!

What is it made of?

Drone skins consist of various durable, reliable, and sometimes reusable stretch fabrics such as Spandex, Lycra, and Elastine material. There are drone skins available on the market that are handmade from the finest quality lightweight material. Drone skins do not add any additional or undesired weight to the device and ensure that they appear an essential part of the machine rather than a feature added by force. Based on the density of the fabric used to weave the skin and the design being used, a skin generally weighs between 8 and 15 grams. As discussed earlier, drone skins provide much-needed scratch protection to your high-cost machines at a very reasonable price.

Types of drones skins

Generally, drone skins can be classified into two main types based on the kind of coating used:

1. Matte:

You must have seen pieces of art and professional photographs that usually boast matte coating. The matte coating boasts a satin-type finish that does not appear glossy. The main advantage of this type of skin is that it is resistant to fingerprints and smudge and tends to give your skin a much-vaunted artistic appearance.

2. Gloss:

As the name suggests, gloss coating gives your skin a shiny, stunning, and mind-boggling outlook that will transform your drone into a vibrant and splendid piece of art. It is almost similar to the reflection of the automotive paint or glass.

Ideal characteristics of drones skins

Here are a few characteristics of drones skins that you should keep an eye on while purchasing them for your beloved drone:

1. Durability:

Drone skins should be durable allowing for fast, easy, and precise application and goo-free removal. There are skins available on the market made of automotive-grade cast vinyl, which is the same material used on the sides of vehicles and locomotives.

2. Lightweight:

Skins should not add any additional weight to your device. Ensure that the skin you are interested in maintains the optimum thickness that will not add extra weight to your device while the durability or quality of the skin is also not compromised.

Ease of application:

Drone skins should be very easy to install. Moreover, they should also boast a channeled adhesive that prevents air bubbles from being created.

4. Comfort of removal:

There is every likelihood that you will get bored of your skin very soon. As a matter of fact, the whole point of drone skins is to allow easy customization of your device without any hassle. So, whenever you feel the urge, you should be able to peel off your skin as and when required. Moreover, the removal of skin should also not be accompanied by any goo or residue.

5. No effect on drone’s performance:

Ensure that you purchase skins that have been rigorously tested so that your device’s flight features and performance is not at all influenced by them. Make no compromise on the flight characteristics of your device.

6. Support for accessories:

Make sure that the skin you purchase should be cut to fit your device perfectly. Moreover, the usage of skin should not adversely affect the performance and functioning of all ports, controls, cables, and accessories. Must look into this drone video to learn more.

Drone skins for multiple models

Each drones skins are designed keeping in mind the specific model. More often than not, skins are not reusable. However, how long will your skin last depends on the way the skin is removed and the time duration for which the skin remains pasted to the device? Sometimes, you may resort to using the backing card as storage; thereby interchanging and reusing the same skins over and over again. However, it is more judicious to remove a drone skin only when you are sure that you won’t be needing it anymore since the skin is always likely to stretch upon removal.

How to install drone skins?

The process of applying skin is quite simple. You should ensure that you are working on a smooth clean platform and are in possession of a wet piece of cloth, a dry piece of cloth, and a clip. Here are the basic steps involved in the drone skin application process:

1. Ensure that your hands are not oily before you start applying a skin to your drone.

2. A neat and clean environment will ensure that dirt or any other obstructive material does not get stuck on the drone skin

3. Clean your drone properly with a slightly damp piece of cloth so that the surface of the drone does not contain any grease or oil. An oily surface is likely to adversely affect the adhesive ability of the skin.

4. Use a dry piece of cloth to dry your drone thoroughly.

5. Take a look at the drone skin and figure out the parts of the device where each section of the skin should be pasted.

6. Gently peel the drone skin off the backing card and place it onto the device. Ensure that the skin is placed properly over the parts of the device for which it has been designed.

7. Once you are satisfied with the skin’s position, press hard to ensure that the skin gets stuck on the device properly.

How to remove a drone skin?

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Good quality drones skins should not be hard enough to be peeled off and no residue or goo should be left behind on the device. In order to remove the skin, simply locate a skin corner and start peeling off the skin by gently lifting it upwards by digging in your fingernails. Moreover, removal can also be fastened and made a lot easier by the application of a small amount of heat such as a quick blow from a hairdryer. Despite applying heat, some people tend to have problems when it comes to skin pieces that bend around corners since they do not stay there well. In such a situation, it is better to leave the skin as it is and let the decals conform to the bends a bit better.

The Verdict

There are a couple of main advantages drone enthusiasts can get from using drone skins. First and foremost, it looks insanely attractive. When I first applied the skin to my DJI Inspire 1, I would take pride in flying my spectacular device in even crowded flying zones and would always expect my friends as well as strangers to gawk at my device and give compliments. Another great advantage that you get from using drone skin is that it protects your expensive device from scratches and virtually any kind of wear and tear. However, keep in mind that in case of crashes, there is no skin in the world that will protect your device. I believe that cases are just too heavy and add too much extra weight to your drone. So, when it comes to a splendid blend of top-quality safety and meticulous ergonomics, skin is definitely the way to go. Another great benefit that one gets from using drone skins is greater visibility as dronies can identify their machine faster and at a greater range. The help of brightly colored skins or designs with high contrast can help drone pilots in locating their machines from a greater distance without any hindrance.

I hope that this article on Drones Skins will provide you plenty of information. I have done plenty of research to collate relevant information from every nook and corner of the world wide web. If you are looking to get your hands on a decent quality and affordable drone skin, this article will certainly prove beneficial to you. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to get in contact. Share with us your valuable comments, experiences, and opinions by commenting in the comments section below.

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