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Make Your DJI Mavic Pro Look New with These Drone Skins

Time passes by real quick and it seemed just like yesterday when I had purchased my mighty DJI Mavic Pro. Now was probably the right time to give it a fresher look after all those years of rigorous use. One of the primary purposes of the exercise was to test the quality of the drone skins I got from the DecalGirl. What makes me really excited is the fact that I can alter the outlook of my lovely drone in order to ensure that it does not appear simply like any other gizmo. However, I am yet to decide as to whether these drone skins are ridiculous, hideous, or magnificent. To get to know the bottom line, you need to read the entire post!

One thing is for certain: adding the new drone decals will not have any bearing on the performance of the drone neither will it prevent it from aging.

Decalgirl Drone Skins

Decalgirl Drone Skins

After a lot of research, I visited Decalgirl, which also has a DJI Mavic Pro decals kiosk at Amazon. I scoured through all the varying options. I opted for the EVAC variant since I felt that it looked quite awesome. The yellow and black striped drone skin with danger signs and slightly worn-out appearance echoed my exuberance for doomsday stuff!

Dystopia, The Baron, Starkiller, V08 Starfighter, Solar Storm, Venom, Solid-state yellow, Solid-state red, Rescue were some of the other drone skins on display.

Nevertheless, the drone stickers are not that costly and I purchased a pack with a couple of additional battery stickers since I own the Fly more drone combo with extra batteries.

What was in the package of Drone Skins?

The package included three sheets of decals on a thin and lightweight vinyl. One sheet was for the quadcopter’s frame and the first battery, the second one for the radio controller, and the remaining skins were meant for the drone along with a couple of battery stickers.

The instructions scribbled on the package advised the user to first wash their hands, take a piece of wet cloth, wipe over the drone and batteries to clean it, and wipe off any residual dust. I followed the instructions mutatis mutandis. The instructions also asked to peel off the extravagant portions of the drone stickers as they got dried.


I later got to know that this process was known as weeding. The parts between the decals were exceptionally easy to remove and it was quite easy to peel off the actual parts of the decals. Initially, I applied the decals to batteries to get into the groove!

The trick here is to bide your time, do not hurry, and ensure that the stickers are aligned to the edges, screws, lights, buttons, and other components of the device. I learned that it was really difficult to stick the decals over the corners and bends. It was a bit troublesome in the beginning but it got resolved without much hassle with the passage of time. I removed a few air bubbles and ensured that the drone stickers were properly in place as I rubbed the components.

The end product can be viewed at the bottom. You can see a vibrant shade of orange with black stripes at all my three batteries, the drone, and the radio controller and it looks pretty amazing, to be honest. The drone skins are quite reliable, lightweight, and do not hamper the performance of the drone. They will have no effect on the drone’s flying time or its flight for that matter.

The manufacturer’s claims are pretty tall!

The manufacturer claims that the range of the drone is not affected by the addition of the drone stickers, neither does it interfere with the radio transmission. The skins are easy to apply and have been produced in the United States. I presume all their claims are 100% reliable!

I may remove the drone skins after some time once I get bored with the outlook. What is really exciting is that the drone skins are easy to remove and do not leave any residual marks once peeled off. No glue or sticking at all!

Now, let’s take our drone out in the field to test the quality of the drone decals.

You must be wondering what went wrong with the propeller!

I used yellow-colored propellers for the images. I got them from Banggood, and are not genuine so I am super cautious while using them on longer excursions. They perhaps will turn out to be decent enough but I do not want to take any chances.

As far as the looks are concerned, I believe that they look super cool!


By applying these exquisite drone skins, you can make your DJI Mavic Pro look stunning and more personalized. As a matter of fact, there are some of the decals available on the market that can enhance your device’s visibility in the air. My experience has revealed that the stickers do not hamper the drone’s flight in any way. I have not tested their impact on the drone’s flight range but apparently, it should not be affected as the antennae are not covered at all. They do not lose their adhesiveness even in the rain. However, I strongly urge you not to use them in the rain. During one of my test flights, it started raining midway during the flight and I was fortunate that the drone and the stickers both returned home pretty much unscathed.

The drone stickers were exceptionally easy to apply when put onto the drone without any rush. They are a hard nut to crack once they are applied to the corners and bends. The key is to begin from one end, add the stickers in the middle, and press them cautiously outwards.

The stickers won’t stay there till the end of time but it is fun to make your drone look different from the rest of the lot with their help. New ones can always be bought once one gets fed up with the older ones. Are these drone skins worth it?  Let us know what you make of it.

Drone Skins for DJI Mavic Pro

My experience and testing both guarantee that the drone skins should be bought from the Decalgirl kiosk at Amazon. Here is the link to their marketplace.

Ensure that you get the one that suits your drone’s size and shape. You can choose from the DJI Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic 2 Pro, Air, Spark, and others.

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will help you learn how to apply the drone skins and what needs to be taken care of during the exercise.

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